Nobody likes taxes, but they are pretty much necessary to run a state. However, there are many ways to collect them. Here are a few different ways to collect them, vote your preference from the best (or the least bad) to worst.

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Corporate tax
Fixed citizenship fee
Each citizen pays a fixed yearly fee, which is the same amount for everyone regardless of income or wealth. The main advantage is simplicity.
Inflation tax
Instead of (or in addition to) collecting money as taxes, state simply prints more money for it's needs. Tends to reduce the value of money (inflation), which can be considered as tax for those currently owning money. Wikipedia
Inheritance tax
Land tax
One of the oldest forms of taxation. Wikipedia
Luxury tax
Additional tax on goods that are considered non-essential, especially the kind mainly used by wealthy people. Wikipedia
Pollution tax
Or more generally, Pigovian tax, paid for causing negative externalities (like pollution). Possibly the only form of taxation that in itself is (arguably) beneficial instead of harmful, though of course far from problem-free.
Progressive income tax
Know also as flat tax . Each citizen pays a percentage of his/her income as tax, but the percentage is higher for higher incomes.
Property tax
Proportional income tax
Each citizen pays a fixed percentage of his/her income.
Value added tax
Wealth tax
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